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Part of the strength behind CUSEC's accomplishments are the Associations that have formed over the years. The Associations (State Geologists and Transportation Task Force) are formalized groups and have added depth to CUSEC's efforts by providing a higher level of expertise, while at the same time expanding CUSEC's efforts in the region. 

Each Association is made up of representatives from state agencies of the CUSEC Member States to address a specific aspect of the hazard.  The Associations provide a collective voice for the areas they represent rather than eight independent efforts. The unique aspects of the seismic hazard in the central US creates a regional problem which requires a regional approach for addressing it.

The Associations fill a need that otherwise could not be addressed given limited funding and staff. A secondary result of these Associations has been the partnerships which they have fostered. Viewed as a "win, win" relationship, the Associations and their federal counterparts have made great strides towards building a stronger federal / state interaction collectively than was present independently. The closer working relationship has opened up new opportunities across the board.

Use the links below to find information about each of the Associations.

    - Association of CUSEC State Geologists
    - CUSEC State Transportation Task Force