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James M. Wilkinson, Jr.
Executive Director, 1999-Present

James M. Wilkinson, Jr. is the fifth Executive Director of CUSEC.  Mr. Wilkinson has worked in the field of emergency management since 1991, beginning with the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, where he served as a Population Protection Planner, and, later, as the state's Earthquake Program Manager.  In 1994, he accepted a position with the Central United States Earthquake Consortium as Mitigation Specialist.  In this position, he worked closely with CUSEC Member and Associate States, to help develop a strong program that addresses the regional impact of earthquakes in the central US, while emphasizing an all hazard approach.

In December 1999, Mr. Wilkinson was appointed to his current position as Executive Director.  In this position he is responsible for accomplishing the CUSEC programs and activities that are defined by the four primary CUSEC goals:  raising the level of public awareness of the earthquake hazard in the central U.S.; promoting the adoption of mitigation programs, tools, and techniques to reduce the vulnerability of the Central U.S. to earthquakes and other hazards; fostering multi-state planning for response and recovery to a damaging earthquake; and promoting the application of research and lessons learned to improve the level of preparedness.

Mr. Wilkinson serves on the Missouri Insurance Earthquake Task Force, the Arkansas Governors Seismic Advisory Council and on the Board of Directors for the Center for Community Earthquake Preparedness at the University Mississippi.  Mr. Wilkinson is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi, with a degree in Urban and Regional Planning.