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Events and Activities that have shaped CUSEC

2000 - CUSEC forms the CUSEC State Transportation Task Force. The Task Force will address regional transportation related issues with respect to an earthquake in the central U.S. The Task Force is made up of representatives from each of the CUSEC states.

2002 - CUSEC launches Post Earthquake Technical Information Clearinghouse (PETIC) effort;  In response to a growing demand to address the response needs of the research community, CUSEC develops first draft of the PETIC plan which is designed to follow the national plan under development by USGS.

2003 - CUSEC Celebrates twentieth anniversary;  Alabama is voted in as eighth full member of CUSEC by Board of Directors

2004 - CUSEC helps coordinate the 2004 National Earthquake Conference in St. Louis, Missouri; CUSEC and others revitalizes the annual National Earthquake Program Managers Meeting in conjunction with the NEC

2005 - CUSEC coordinates and hosts the National Earthquake Program Managers Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana

2006 - CUSEC begins the New Madrid Seismic Zone Catastrophic Planning Initiative, the largest natural disaster planning effort in United States History.  This multi-year, multi-agency initiative is funded by the Dept. of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agenc

2007 - CUSEC helps Member States coordinate a unified Earthquake Awareness Week

2008 - CUSEC Celebrates it's 25th Anniversary and continues work on the New Madrid Planning Initiative