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M3.8 Earthquake 4am CST Wednesday Feb. 10, 2010, in Northern Illinois
A small earthquake shook parts of northern Illinois at 3:59 a.m on February 10, 2010. The earthquake caused only minor, if any, damage. The earthquake, located about five miles east of Sycamore in DeKalb County, was originally reported to be a 4.3 magnitude, but was later downgraded to a 3.8 magnitude by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). According to the USGS, the The earthquake was felt by as many as 18,000 people in several states and in Canada.

This earthquake serves as a reminder of the earthquake risk that exists throughout Illinois. While the greatest risk for a major earthquake is related to the New Madrid and Wabash Valley seismic zones in southern Illinois, several earthquakes have been reported in the past two centuries in northern Illinois. 

February 10, 2010 Earthquake

Magnitude 3.8M
Date & Time Wednesday, February 10, 2010 at 03:59:35 AM at epicenter

41.969°N, 88.498°W
3 km (2 miles) ENE (60°) from Virgil, IL

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