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 2005 CUSEC News Archives

New CUSEC Board Chairman
December 2005 - The CUSEC Board of Directors voted in Gatlinburg, Tennessee on December 5, 2005 to name Illinois Emergency Management Agency Director, William C. Burke as the new Chairman of the CUSEC Board.   Robert Latham, Director of Mississippi Emergency Management Agency has served as the Board Chairman since March of 2004.  Director Latham is the current longest sitting CUSEC Board member.  Director Jim Bassham of Tennessee Emergency Management Agency was named Vice Chairman and Director Ron Reynolds of Missouri State Emergency Management Agency was named as Secretary-Treasurer. 

Mitigation Section Now Online!
October 2005 - A new section of the CUSEC Website has been added, Earthquake Mitigation.  This section includes different types of mitigation examples and a detailed non-structural mitigation page with several projects for the average home-owner.  Visit today and learn more about earthquake mitigation!

National Program Managers Meeting
August 2005 - The national earthquake Program Managers meeting was held August 16-17, 2005.  Held in Indianapolis, Indiana, this meeting was the first of it's kind since 1995 and will help state earthquake Program Managers foster relationships with their state and federal counterparts.  CUSEC helped organize and facilitate this meeting.  There are already plans working to hold another meeting in 2006, which is a good sign of things to come. 

Faith Based Organizations
August 2005 - This new pamphlet, Faith Based Organizations, is now available in print and online.  The pamphlet gives an overview of earthquakes in the central United States and how they affect faith based organizations, and what these organizations can do before and after an earthquake.  To order a printed version, click here. 

Mississippi Hazards Day
February 2005 - The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency will host a Natural Hazards Day in Gulfport, Mississippi on June 13, 2005.  This day long workshop will feature sessions designed to provide valuable hazard and preparedness information to all emergency managers.  Hotel room blocks have been set aside.

CUSEC Co-Sponsoring Seismic Design Seminar
January 2005 - CUSEC is co-sponsoring a seminar with the Applied Technology Council (ATC) on March 3, 2005.  The seminar is entitled ATC-35 Seminar on New Knowledge of Earthquake Hazard in the Central United States and Implications for Building Seismic Design Practice.  The seminar will be held at Holiday Inn on the University of Memphis campus and builds on the ATC efforts to transfer US Geological Survey research into results in engineering design practice.