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 2003 CUSEC News Archives

CPT Truck comes to CUSEC States
October 2003 - The USGS Cone Penetration Truck performs tests in Memphis.

CCEP awarded $120,000 grant from Mississippi Emergency Management Agency
October 2003 - the Center for Community Earthquake Preparedness was awarded a major grant to perform loss estimations for Mississippi using HAZUS.  

Alabama becomes Full Member of CUSEC
September 2003 - The CUSEC Board of Directors voted unanimously to include the State of Alabama as a full member of CUSEC. Read the press release here. 

CUSEC expands its partnership with USGS through the Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS)
CUSEC, which serves on the Mid-America Regional Advisory Committee for the Advanced National Seismic System as a representative of the emergency management interest in the central US, has recently increased its involvement. CUSEC will host a strong motion instrument at its headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee.

The CUSEC building, which is located in the southern most portion of Memphis, adjacent to the Memphis International Airport, is an ideal location for studying ground motion and its effects on a critical facility. The Memphis airport is a critical link in the response planning efforts for the Memphis area. Information gained from this instrument and others in the system will quickly show the level of shaking experienced. This information can then be used to give an idea of the amount of damage that may have occurred due to the shaking. The information will be vital to emergency responders trying to get outside aid into the Memphis area.

3rd J.E. Maher Award goes to Arkansas Earthquake Program Manager
July 2003 - The J. E. Maher Award Of Excellence was given for the third time at the CUSEC Annual Meeting held in Nashville on June 30 - July 1, 2003. Mr. Dan Cicirello, Earthquake Program Manager for the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management, accepted the award.

New Earthquake Video Available
"Earthquake Risk and Readiness: It's Everybody's Fault"
"The Central U.S. faces the possibility of a destructive earthquake at anytime, but are we ready?

It will strike with no warning, and the consequences could be devastating: collapsed buildings and bridges, interrupted power and water supplies, millions of dollars in business losses, and thousands of casualties.

The impact could be great, but it can also be minimized if everyone realizes their responsibility to prepare."

Find out what you can do by watching this video, which includes a quake quiz to test your knowledge and tremor tips to help you lessen the impact on your home, your place of work, and your family. Parri O. Black, of television station WNIN in Evansville, Indiana wrote and produced the video, which includes interviews recorded at the first Central U.S. Partnership Meeting in June, 2000.

For more information or to purchase a copy write to: WNIN Earthquake Risk and Readiness, 405 Carpenter St., Evansville, IN 47708 or visit their web site at

Transportation Systems Earthquake Vulnerability Now Available -
The revised CUSEC monograph "Earthquake Vulnerability of Transportation Systems in the Central United States".

First published in 1996, the monograph provides an overview of the earthquake risk in the region, the effects of earthquakes on transportation systems, and sets forth a framework for future action to reduce transportation vulnerability. Available free in hard copy from CUSEC, or by download in the publications library.

CUSEC Journal, Summer 2003
The Summer 2003 CUSEC Journal addresses various topics of communications and how communication breakdowns can affect the emergency management community, pre and post disaster.  Also in this issue is recent CUSEC news and workshop announcements.