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There are thousands of individuals in the United States trained in pre/post disaster building inventory and safety inspections.  Currently, there is no standardization of the use and deployment of these critical resources following a multi-jurisdictional disaster, within the emergency management structure.

Under the direction of the CUSEC Board of Directors, the CUSEC States are developing a framework to address this issue as a deployable resource under the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC).  The initiative will identify opportunities for earthquake mitigation through pre-disaster building assessments.  It will include resource typing/Mission Ready Package(s) (MRP) for EMAC post-disaster building inspection team deployments, which will be validated in CAPSTONE-14.  

 Building inspection program/framework areas of emphasis for CAPSTONE-14:

- Develop a standardized framework for multi-jurisdictional pre/post earthquake inspection programs

- Document the program and resource-typing requirements

- Package and type the team(s) for EMAC deployment

- Create inspection program best practices guidance

- Create program awareness and recruit/train volunteer inspectors

- Demonstrate and exercise the program in CAPSTONE-14

CUSEC State Earthquake Program Managers, previously identified State volunteer inspectors, and others as needed, will collaborate with the CUSEC Board on this effort. Click here to access important documents and resources related to the building inspection and resource deployment framework.

Building Inspector Framework Development Workshop #1 Proceedings
December 11, 2012 | Louisville, Kentucky

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Notes

CUSEC Meeting Slides

Missouri S.A.V.E. Coalition Presentation (3MB)

Building Inspector Framework Development Workshop #2  Proceedings
March 6, 2013 | Nashville, Tennessee

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Notes

CUSEC Meeting Slides

Mutual-Aid Support System (MASS) Demo (3MB) 

Indiana I-BEAM Presentation (6.2MB)

Missouri S.A.V.E Coalition Presentation  (6.8MB)

State Liability Law ReportNonprofit Risk Management Center

October 2012                   Develop program overview and timeline
October 25-26, 2012         Safety Assessment Program Training; Nashville, TN
December 11, 2012           Initial Framework Development Workshop #1; Louisville, KY
February 13, 2013             CAPSTONE-14 Concepts & Objectives Meeting; Orange Beach, AL
March 6, 2013                   Framework Development Workshop #2; Nashville, TN
June 5, 2013                    CAPSTONE-14 Initial Planning Conference; Indianapolis, IN
December 6, 2013             CAPSTONE-14 Mid Planning Conference (Virtual)
February 11, 2014              Framework Development Workshop #3; Lexington, KY 
March 4-5, 2014                CAPSTONE-14 Final Planning Conference (location TBD)
June 16-20, 2014              CAPSTONE-14 Regional Exercise