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Below you will find several resources related to the Building Inspection and Resource Deployment framework for CAPSTONE-14 including information on the Missouri SAVE Coalition, Resource Typing, and Mission Ready Packages.

Missouri SAVE Coalition
The Missouri Structural Assessment and Visual Evaluation (SAVE) Coalition is a group of volunteer engineers, architects, building inspectors and other trained professionals that assists the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency with building damage inspections. After a disaster, SAVE volunteers are trained to move quickly to determine which buildings are safe to use and which should be evacuated.

SAVE Coalition Website

SAVE Coalition Administration and Operations Plan

Building Inspection Resource Typing
Resource typing is categorizing, by capability, the resources requested, deployed and used in incidents. Measurable standards identifying resource capabilities and performance levels serve as the basis for categories. Resource users at all levels use these standards to identify and inventory resources.

Missouri SAVE Coalition Resource Typing

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Building Inspector Typing *SeeTypes III-V*

NEMA Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) Building Inspector Typing Models

FEMA Resource Typing Criteria

FEMA Resource Management (Includes  Resource Typing)

Mission Ready Packages (MRP)
MRPs describe specific response and recovery resource capabilities that are organized, developed, trained, and exercised prior to an emergency or disaster. Mission Ready Packages may be considered the next logical step in the evolution of resource typing, as they include elements found within resource-typed definitions, but they also detail such information as the missions supported, estimated cost of the mission, location of the resource, limiting factors related to the mission, and logistic support requirements.

CUSEC Building Inspector MRP Templates
(Excel Files)
Type 1 Post-Disaster Building Safety Evaluation Strike Team

Type II Post-Disaster Building Safety Evaluation Strike Team

Type III Post-Disaster Building Safety Evaluation Strike Team

EMAC MRP Resources

EMAC MRP Information

EMAC Developing Your Response-Specific Mission Ready Package

EMAC MRP Template Webinar (35 minute video)

EMAC MRP Template for up to 25 Personnel with Cost Estimate (Excel File)

EMAC Video: Understand the relationship between the MRP Model and the Template (6 minute video)