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Below you will find some miscellaneous publications that include brochures, flyers, pamphlets, and handouts that discuss various earthquake topics and issues.  Please use the links below to download a publication of interest.  Most of the publications are available in hard copy, in limited quantities.  If you would like a hard copy of any publication, please contact us with your request.  Check this section often for updated central U.S. earthquake realted publications and fact sheets.

Reducing the Risk:  Earthquakes in the Central United States
Revised 2004 - 1MB Download
Availability:  Print and Online PDF

CUSEC's Prospectus, this brochure provides an overview of the earthquake hazard in the central U.S., earthquake vulnerabilities, and other multi-state earthquake related issues in the central and eastern United States. 

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CUSEC - A Partnership to Mitigate Disasters and Save Lives
Published 2008 - 225K Download
Availability:  Print and Online PDF

This informative flyer gives a brief overview of the earthquake hazard and risk in the central United States.  The flyer also discusses the different roles that CUSEC plays as a multi-state coordinating agency.